Thursday, November 8, 2012

Election 2012

Nothing very exciting happened on Election Day for me. I didn't vote because I realize that even though i have that "right" in the long run it doesn't matter and the electoral college can decide whatever they want. I did go to a public area but there were no loud political people yelling or arguing, and the voting hadnt been completed yet so nothing was really going on.

Bobby and I decided to watch the election at a restaurant and were surprised to find the bar and bar area full so we had to sit in the dinning area. We could still see all 7 TV's. Four of which were showing the news; both fox and nbc 10. 1 Showing sports, and 2 showing keno.
It's safe to say that everyone was engrossed in the news and the waitress did say that it was very busy for a Tuesday but there was nothing exciting going on.

What was interesting was going back home and listening  to bobby and his mother fight over who they wanted to win. Although it was interesting, it was nothing to do with equality or gender just social security.

Although I did what was asked of me, for me this election did not connect back to class like it has for other people.

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