Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ayvazian and Blanchard

 "Inadvertant behavior of the profoundly inexperienced"

Blanchard states that most of society is naive about racial discrimination due to lack of experience, insight and involvement with people of different races. As long as white people are the majority in all situations, people that are black, or spanish, or whatever other race will feel opressed, and discriminated against.

I think this theory is fascinating because it is so true and it is something I would have never thought of. People may say that they are "not racist" but they are not fully egalitarian unless they have fully befriended people of another race, or have been emersed in their culture. A lot of people that say that they are anti racism are actually blind to a lot of what they have never been introduced to.

Ayvazian talks about becoming allies.

I feel like prior to this class I was one of those naive people, not that I have fully submersed myself into another races culture, so maybe I still cannot be completely egalitatian, but this class turned all of us in it into possible allies. We have learned enough about opression and discrimination and the many forms, and targets, to be able to identify with all kinds of people, and respect them.

In class side note:....Prof Bogad said this wrapped up the whole class and she was right. I feel like it is fitting.

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