Monday, October 29, 2012

Sex Positive Extended Comments

 Sex Positivve Extended Comments: Noelle's Blog

I want to do an extended comments on Noelle's blog because she actually applied the readings "Sex Positive Feminism" and "8 Ways To Be Positive Your Sex Positive" to her own life and she is the only one so far who opened up like that. I think when she was in high school neither her or her friends were "sex positive" because they both judged sex, sexuality, and even her lack of sexuality. I feel like teenagers don't know enough about sex or being sexual to NOT judge it or each other. When people are uncertain of thing they tend to judge it.

I really enjoyed the clip Noelle added because I had a teacher (surprisingly) in high school who used to rave about all the good health benefits of having sex. He was the only one who ever pointed that out to students and I feel like if administration knew about it he would have gotten into trouble.But like I said, students don't know about sex enough to not judge it, so if they are going to scare students with diseases and being labelled for doing it openly, then why not give them knowledge of the good that comes from it also.

Things we should discuss in class:
-The concept of slut shaming because I feel like this type of negativity towards sex is the most popular and also judging peoples turn-ons which is only not as popular because it is kept more on the down low then "sluttiness".


  1. I completely agree that looking back at it I was not sex positive because I didn't have the "right attitude" towards sex. Thankfully I've grown out of it and most of my friends have too.

  2. I think teenagers talk about sex just because they don't know about it.

  3. I'm not gonna lie, I was most certainly a slut-shamer until I began following social justice blogs back in January. I think that's a big topic that needs to be addressed. And I think you have a point that teachers should not only list the dangers of sex but the benefits as well. Because telling someone they shouldn't do something more often than not makes them want to do it. Thus, teens have sex. I guess most importantly what I hope is stressed in schools though is ways to go about it safely and proper education about consent.